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To ensure that the competition is conducted in accordance with the rules of the sport based on principles of fairness for all the participants and teams for every match and for the entire competition season. To promote a happy and healthy environment on and off court in which all participants, administrators and spectators can share their appreciation of Netball. To ensure that the administration of the competition is conducted in accordance with principles of fairness to all players and teams throughout the competition season. To promote an environment based on consideration and respect to all participants, administrators, umpires and spectators. To promote the smooth and efficient functioning of the competition. To ensure that players and spectators respect the umpires¡¦ knowledge of, and commitment to the rules of the sport. To promote an honest and open environment in which all participants, administrator umpires and spectators voices any queries or concerns they have with respect to the competition to the appropriate person and at the appropriate time
1. APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP All clubs must complete and submit an application for membership form to the secretary of the association, including membership fees, and full colour of uniform (including bibs). 2. CONDITIONS 2.1 These terms and condition of play (“by-laws”) apply to ladies, mixed, and men’s netball. These by-laws are additional to the IFNA rules. In the event that there is any inconsistency or conflict with the IFNA rules and these by-laws, these by-laws shall take precedence. 2.2 Where there is any question as to the meaning or expressions within these By-laws, or the expectations of persons with respect to the By-laws, the bylaws shall be interpreted in accordance with the Overall purpose of the by-laws. 3. DEFINITIONS 3.1 Misconduct includes behavior directed at players, spectators, umpires or any OON members, volunteers or consultants, both on and off court, and at any time, including before, during or after any netball match. Misconduct can include physical gestures as well as oral and written communication. Misconduct includes arguing with OON staff, not cooperating with OON staff, displaying vigorous dissent of an umpires decision, degrading any member of OON staff, abusive conduct including abusive language, gestures or actions of un-sportsman like conduct, combative arguing, abusive or negative comments, coarse language, deliberately holding up play, conduct against the spirit of the game, rough or dangerous play, threatening behavior including intimidating or assaulting or attempting to intimidate or assault any player, spectator or any member or OON staff. 3.2 Qualified Player: In order to be qualified for the playoffs a player must play at 50% of games during the regular season for the same team. A game, for the purpose of definition includes Washouts and any forfeited game not caused by the team, but does NOT include byes. 3.3 Vesting of powers: OON may exercise any of the disciplinary powers vested in an umpire under these By-laws. 4. CLUBS AND PLAYER RESPONSIBILITIES 4.1 A team or person is not a member of OON until OON accepts the registration. OON to the fullest extent is permitted by law, reserves the right to refuse the registration of any team or person for any reason, in its absolute discretion. 4.2 Upon acceptance of membership all players are require to read and agree with these by-laws prior to playing their first game. 4.3 All players are responsible for reporting to OON any injuries sustained during a game. The injury report must be recorded in writing by a member of OON and signed by the injured player, along with the captain of the injured player’s team. 4.4 All team member names must be recorded on team registration sheet. If a player’s name is not recorded on the team registration sheet, that player will be deemed not to have played the game. A team has up until the beginning of the 2nd quarter of the game to add a player who was not present from the start of the game. 4.5 The clubs are responsible for ensuring that their team is available to play at the allocated game times. Amendments to game times as a result of unavailability must be made 5 days in advance. 5. WEATHER CONDITIONS 5.1 If the temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius or higher, or in extreme weather (snow storms, thunder or lightening) games may be posted. The OON tournament committee will be responsible for notifying teams. 5.2 When playing in hot weather: a) The duration of game quarters may be reduced by OON to 10 minutes, Players are responsible for their own re-hydration at the conclusion of each quarter b) Players are permitted to wear sunglasses and singlet on court. c) For reasons of player safety, players are not permitted to wear hats or visors 6. MIXED TEAM PLAYER PLACEMENT 6.1 Male players are permitted to play against female players and vice versa subject to 6.2 and 6.3 6.2 No mixed team may have more than 2 male players on the court during play. 6.3 No more than one male player shall take a position in each “third” of the court (see below): a) One male player as G.S or G.A b) One male player as W.A or C. or W.D c) One male player as G.D or G.K 6.4 Every mixed team must have a minimum of five players and every mixed team must have a ratio of male and female players. No other combinations other than those listed in 6.4-6.7. 6.5 A FULL mixed team shall be made up of the following combinations only: a) Five female and three males: or b) Five females and two males Six female players and one male player are not permitted 6.6 An INCOMPLETE mixed team of SIX players shall be made up of the following combinations only: a) Five females and one male; or b) Four females and two males; or c) Three females and three males. 6.7 An INCOMPLETE mixed team of FIVE players shall be made up of the following combinations only: a) Four females and one male; or b) Three females and two males: or 7. ALL TEAMS- PLAYER PLACEMENT AND LATE PLAYERS 7.1 No team may play with less than 5 players at the commencement of a game, in which case the team will be penalized 1 goal for 5 minutes until at least 5 players are able to take the court. 7.2 No changes to team positions can occur until an interval (time between quarters) or injury stoppage. 7.3 Late players are not permitted to take position until an interval, injury stoppage or a goal is scored. Such late player(s) may only take a position, which is vacant. Team placement changes to accommodate a late player are not permitted until an internal or injury stoppage. 8. ALCOHOL AND DRUGS 8.1 No person (including spectators) without the prior consent of OON may consume, possess or use alcohol or illicit drugs on any premises where an OON game is or will be conducted. 8.2 All Players have a duty of care to other players. No player is permitted to take the court while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 8.3 If in the opinion of the umpire that a player is intoxicated by liquor or drugs (legal or illegal), having regard to the safety of that player or other players on the court, the umpire has absolute discretion to remove such a player from the court. Any such player removed shall take no further part in the game. 8.4 Umpires have the absolute discretion to approach any player which in the opinion of an umpire maybe affected by alcohol or drugs, and question such a player as to whether or not they have consumed or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Should such a player refuse to answer the questions of an umpire or provide inadequate responses, an umpire has the discretion to remove such a player from the court. No such player removed shall take further part in the game. 8.5 Should a player(s) from either team have concern as to another player being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the only procedure permitted to raise such a query or concern is as follows: the captain or acting captain of either team may approach the umpire(s) in a discreet manner and in confidence, so as not to unnecessarily embarrass or offend any other player. The umpire may deal with the query in the manner in which he/she thinks fit and at his or her absolute discretion. 9. FORFEIT 9.1 A team Forfeits a game if it fails to field at least 5 players by the 15th minute of the game 9.2 In addition to 9.1 above, a forfeit may be awarded against a team if: a) A player belonging to that team refuses to leave the court when directed to do so by the umpire. b) Any team that plays an unregistered or suspended player will forfeit that game 9.3 If a team forfeits 2 games they will be required to pay a $50 forfeit fee to OON. Forfeit payments must be made before the team takes the court for its next scheduled games. Failure to pay the forfeit fee may, at OON’s discretion, result in disqualification from the rest of the tournament. 9.4 The opposing team to the forfeiting team will be credited with 2 points. 9.5 In the event that both teams forfeit the fame, neither team will receive any points and both teams are subject to the above by-laws. 10. MISCONDUCT/DISCIPLINE 10.1 Players must not engage in misconduct. 10.2 An umpire may discipline a player for misconduct in one or more of the following ways: a) Warning the offending player. b) Standing the offending player off court for as long as the umpire deems fit. c) Ordering the offending player to leave the court and take no further part in the game. d) Ordering an advance penalty to the opposing team of the offending player, whereby the opposing team is given an undefended shot at goal. 10.3 Without limiting the disciplinary powers of the umpire under 10.2, the following conduct will result in the removal of the offending player from the court for the remainder of the game: a) Engaging in dangerous play (as defined in 3.1) after the player has received a warning from the umpire no to engage in such behavior. b) Use of coarse or abusive language during the game. c) Engaging in any misconduct that is directed at an umpire. 10.4 Where a player refuses to leave the court as directed by the umpire, the umpire will issue a warning. Where a period of 30 seconds has elapsed since the warning and the player continues to refuse to leave the court, a forfeit will be awarded in favor of the opposing team. 10.5 OON may discipline a player for Misconduct by issuing a Misconduct Card for a 1st offence. This constitutes a formal warning. If a player continues to engage in Misconduct after being issued with a Misconduct Card, that player will be suspended from playing games with OON for 2 games. Readmission of a suspended player is at the sole discretion of OON and will be considered only upon receipt of a written request from the suspended player. 10.6 Without limiting the powers of OON, the following conduct may, at the discretion of OON, result in OON issuing Misconduct Card to the offending player: a) Engaging in Misconduct. Where the offending player is also a Captain, he/she may also, at the discretion of OON be replaced as Captain. b) Sending to OON any written communications that are abusive, threatening, intimidating or obscene. 10.7 Notwithstanding by-Law 10.5 and 10.6, OON may suspend a player who engages in any form of Misconduct from playing the remainder of any game and/or from playing any further number of games that they in their discretion thinks appropriate. OON reserve the right to refuse a player who has been found to have engaged in any form of misconduct, from playing in any further 11. INTIMIDATION 11.1 It is an offence for any player, on or off the court, to intentionally intimidate an umpire or any other player before, during or after a game. 11.2 Breach of this by-law will result in removal of the offending player from the game or a penalty pass or shot being awarded where the infringing player is standing, unless this places the non-offending team at a disadvantage. 12. RESTRICTIONS 12.1 The grading of a team is solely the decision of OON. A teams grading may be changes at any time during a season. 12.2 Only qualified players (as defined in 3.3) may play in a Netball final. Any team that breaches this By-law will forfeit the final game. 13. UNIFORM, BIBS, BALL 13.1 All teams are required to provide their own bibs and netballs. 13.2 Teams must play in their registered uniforms unless special permission is granted by the umpire prior to the start of the game. 14. GENERAL RULES 14.1 Umpires’ decisions are final. Players are not to query, debate or protest an umpires’ decision. A player may approach an umpire with respect to a decision, but only during an interval or after the game for clarification of any ruling that the umpire may have given. 14.2 Breach of 15.1 will result in the player immediately being awarded an ‘Advanced Penalty’ as defined in the IFNA rules. A player who breaches this rule more than once will, at the discretion of OON, be immediately removed from the game. 14.3 The umpire has complete discretion to suspend or terminate the game where he or she considers that it is in the best interests of the players or staff to do so. 14.4 An umpire may make any decision not otherwise specifically authorized by the IFNA Rules or these Conditions where he or she considers it to be reasonably necessary and in the interests of the game, including decisions for safety reasons, fairness or for the proper conduct and flow of the game. 14.5 In the interests of fairness, safety or the proper administration of OON or the games that it conducts, OON may at any time require players to comply with any other additional rules or requirements in addition to these BY-Laws as it sees fit and such further rules o requirements shall be binding on all players as if set out in these BY-Laws. 14.6 No player shall represent more than one team in a single season unless consent is given by the OON committee. 14.7 There will be no inter-changing of players of the same club in the same division. 15. GUEST PLAYERS 15.1 Only tournaments that have been approved by the OON board of directors for guest player status may permit the use of guest players. 15.2 A tournament shall permit any team to use only the number of guest players that are specified in the tournaments approved rules. OON permits up to 3 guest players per team. Only 2 guest players are allowed to play at any one time during the game. Having 3 guest players on court during play is not permitted. 15.3 The tournament director or designee will review all information on the approved guest player form at the time of the team check-in. 15.4 There shall be a corresponding OON GUEST PLAYER APPROVAL FORM for every guest player participating in the tournament. 15.5 At no time will a team be allowed to have more than 3 guest players during a tournament. CONCLUSION 16.1 All decisions made by umpires OON are final in nature and are not subject to challenge. The Official Outreach Netball playing By-Laws are in conjunction with the Canadian Cup of Africa- Caribbean Nations Tournament & Procedures Manual.
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